Unbelievable today, perhaps, for Main Street, but perfectly natural then, in the backs of all the stores on Main Street, were fenced garden yards, wherein was raised almost everything. Chickens, pigs, concord grapes, etc. Our Main Street was, in dry season, truly pretty, surfaced with crushed oyster shells. We did not have concrete curbs; on the sides of the road large blocks of stone were set into the soil on edge. Walking paths were kept in the finest of shape by gardeners of the estates.

We had a country town and many wanted it to stay that way!  I can recall hearing of 2 or 3 outsiders who made inquiries on setting up business here but were discouraged.  In spite of this, one or two factory type businesses were set up.  They gave employment and may have done a thing or two to make the world a better place to live in.  The various fields - shipping, chewing gum, clam factory, detective agency, stock brokerage, building, fishing.

"Oh, to return to the delightful times which is beyond, (only now do we see it) the most nostalgic state of these modern days!"

-Edward Van Sicklen, son of Edgar Van Sicklen
Historical Society of Islip Hamlet Est. 1992
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