Growing Up in a Fishing Family
Presented by Bob Doxsee
On Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, 2014, Bob Doxsee presented a program on his family (Doxsee Clam Juice), starting in 1865 when his great-grandfather, J.H. Doxsee branched out from his farming activities to the transition from agriculture to fin and shell fish.

Around 1900, his grandfather, John C. Doxsee, set up a pound fish camp on Fire Island Beach and then, around 1918, he shifted to Jones Inlet to the west.

His father and uncle continued pound fishing until 1944 when they made the change to surf clam harvesting and processing, which Bob eventually took over until 2012.  
From left to right: Society board members; Debbie Filipowski, Kristen Carter, Madeline Hanewinckel, Edda Labzda, Elaine Kurka, Nancy Libert, Arlene Goldman, Stephen Kreutzer, Mr. Doxsee, Roberta Drake, Vicki Berger, Matt Clareen
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