Antique Appraisals
Presented by Philip Weiss
On October 30th, the Historical Society of Islip Hamlet / Islip Public Library co-hosted "Antique Appraisals with Philip Weiss:.  Mr Weiss has over 40 years of experience in the collectibles trade and owns one of the top auction houses.  Mr. Weiss gave his opinions on the many pieces audience members brought to the program.

From left to right:  Mary Schubart (IPL), Debbie Filipowski, Jack Weishahn, Eugene Murphy, Valerie Schuster, Matthew Clareen, Roberta Drake, Nancy Libert, Kristen Carter, Mr. Weiss, Lauraine Farr (IPL), Arlene Goldman, Elvira Lettieri, John White, Madeline Hanewinckel, Jean Marie Reiszl, Chris Vanasco, Marilyn Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Thomas and Elaine Kurka.

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