Legendary Women of Long Island
Presented by Monica Randall
On March 5th, 2015, author Monica Randall presented an entertaining program on the colorful social icons of their day.

During the glory days of Long Island's fabled Gold Coast, all of society was ruled by an elite group of glamorous women.  They were the 1st American super-stars as their lives, loves, and scandals played out on the pages of newspapers all over the country.  These celebrated hostesses were often photographed descending the stairs of their grand ball rooms in glittering jewels, court feathers, and fabulous gowns.

Women like Alva Vanderbilt, Mrs. Clarence MacKay, Barbara Hutton, and the Countess of Bismarck, took the lead at sought after social events, and everyone wanted to be and dress just like them.  Others like Zelda Fitzgerald, Winifred Bird, Ann Woodward, and Gertrude Whitney, are remembered for the sensational stories that surround them.
From left to right: Society board members Nancy Libert, Arlene Goldman, Ms. Randall, Debbie Filipowski, Matt Clareen, Chris Vanasco, Stephen Kreutzer
Est. 1992 Historical Society of Islip Hamlet